Best Hair Loss Treatment in Chennai

Hair loss is a non-harmful physical condition that affects individuals of every age group. Men or women, especially in their 30s experience greater hair loss due to a variety of factors.

However, it can have significant physiological effects on a person. They may experience a loss of confidence and self-esteem. This also affects their active participation in social situations, negatively impacting personal and professional relationships.

Fortunately, these patients can opt for hair loss treatment in Chennai to get their natural hair back and restore confidence.

Common Causes of Hair Loss

There are numerous causes of hair loss. From vitamin deficiency to chronic health conditions, understanding the causes of your hair loss can help you choose the most ideal treatment.


The excessive hair loss caused by stress is known as telogen effluvium. The human body perceives physical and mental stress in a similar manner. Thus, the stressors halt hair growth, leading to baldness in some areas.

Specifically, the cortisol hormone is released when the body is under stress. This affects the hair follicle resulting in hair loss. This condition can continue for three months after a stressful situation.

People should focus on limiting their stress to prevent any further hair loss.

Protein Deficiency

The American Academy of Dermatology reports that having little protein in the body can have negative effects on hair growth.

Protein deficiency is a common cause of hair loss because men and women after a certain age, restrict their protein intake for dieting reasons. This affects the growth of new hair follicles, causing baldness.

People can improve their protein intake by consuming eggs, meat, and milk. Incorporating beans and yogurt into the diet can also improve the source of protein.

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal imbalance can also have significant effects on hair growth. Especially in women, the intake of birth control pills may lead to hair loss. Menopause is also a leading contributor to hair loss in women.

This occurs because the androgen receptors become activated during this period. It accuses the hair follicles to minimize, and people start to lose hair.

You can talk to the healthcare provider before consuming any birth control medications. They can suggest the right type of contraceptives that will have minimal effect on your hair growth.

Lupus Condition

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that causes inflammation in various parts of the body. It primarily affects the kidneys, lungs, blood vessels, skin, and joints.

Hair loss is a common side effect of lupus and its treatments. Studies show that the scarring on scalps caused by lupus may prevent hair from growing back. The condition may be exacerbated when you consume medications to treat lupus.

However, it is wise to consult a healthcare provider before taking any medications. They can suggest the best type of medication that will not affect hair growth in any manner.


Rigorous hair styling or conditioning may affect hair growth. When you use extreme styling products frequently, it damages the hair root, preventing new follicles from forming. Hair styling treatments like hair weaves, high heat, hot oil treatments, or corn rows affect your hair.

In addition to styling, shampoos and conditioners with harsh chemicals might not promote new hair growth. Additionally, compulsive hair pulling can strip the hair from its root.


The most common cause of hair loss in people is aging. Most people experience hair loss in their 50s or 60s. However, some get premature hair loss in their 30s or 40s. However, there are many ways to keep your hair healthy, even during aging. Doctors promote the use of moisturizers and natural shampoos or conditioners.

Benefits of Hair Loss Treatments

Since hair loss is becoming a common problem, more and more people are striving toward hair loss treatment in Chennai. In addition to preventing intense hair treatment, harsh chemicals, several medications, and a poor diet, you can opt for hair loss treatments to realize these benefits.

Good For Hair Health

Hair loss treatments help to address the underlying cause of baldness. The death of hair follicles due to poor nutrition or harsh conditions causes hair loss. Restimulating these dead roots through treatment intervention can reignite hair growth and strengthen roots to prevent any further damage.

In several cases, doctors will also suggest lifestyle changes to prevent a patient from taking a certain medication that causes hair loss.

These people also need immediate treatment to regrow their hair and gain their confidence back.

Treatment is Cost-Efficient

Technological advancements have created a range of effective treatments that provide a permanent solution for hair loss.

Each treatment is beneficial in its specific way and prevents the need for any future intervention. As a result, you can consider these hair loss treatments to be cost-effective. The cost of the treatment is economical, including the follow-up care.

The experienced doctor can suggest the best treatments that suit your current hair loss condition. They will also consider your medical history and treatment budget to suggest the right intervention.

Easy Maintenance

The maintenance after your hair loss treatment is convenient. If you opt for hair transplant surgery, it requires a 15 day follow-up care to protect the follicles. After that, people can carry on with their regular life.

Even laser therapy for hair growth requires little to no maintenance. However, patients need to be conscious when they expose their hair to the sun and water.

These procedures do not require any intense aftercare procedures. Doctors will focus on recommencing the new hair growth cycle. Therefore, it offers you maximum convenience with the benefit of new hair growth.

The Bottomline

The negative effects of hair loss can have an intense impact on a person. They lose their confidence and try to compare themselves with others.

The best hair loss treatment in Chennai offers them an excellent opportunity to get their natural hair back without any vigorous efforts. The best doctors will suggest the ideal treatments for your needs, enabling you to get lustrous and long hair.

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