Body Dysmorphic Disorder - Prevention is better than cure

Afraid of facing yourself in the mirror? Have no idea how to face the outside world? You may be having a slight condition known as Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) can be defined simply as a mental illness that makes you feel overly concerned about your least significant “defect” (as they say) as a major issue.

Symptoms of BDD

  • Constantly checking oneself in the mirror for minor irregularities
  • Trying to hide most parts of the body
  • Constant unwanted grooming
  • Feeling depressed and having suicidal thoughts
  • Having unnecessary plastic surgeries
  • Comparison of oneself to others
  • Avoiding social situations
Advice to parents

Kids with Body Dysmorphic Disorder can be easily identified by their close associates with the above symptoms. BDD can be genetic or can develop with any other mental health condition such as anxiety and depression. Bullying and Body shaming can also be one of the major reasons to the development of Body Dysmorphic Disorder among kids. So, the major advise to the parents is to check up on their kids whether they are going through some of these things in school or any other place. If that the case, teach them to defend themselves against certain situations.

Can BDD be treated?

The short answer is YES, if you’re ready. Shameful of showing yourself to someone may hold you from getting yourself treated. But it is advised to consult a mental health specialist to get things back on track. BDD will become worse in most cases when left untreated. Patients suffering from BDD often have suicidal thoughts. During these situations, you can get help right away by dialing the suicide hotline number. You can also join a support group for moral support and to realize that you’re not the only one.

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