Density of hair matters, Length comes later

As we grow old, we lose many things and get used to them. But there is one thing we just cannot get used to. Yes, I am talking about our hair. We all hate hair loss and we try to put an end to it by using all the cosmetics known to the humans. Some live, some perish. Today’s generation cares about hair length, color, and thickness. What they should be concentrating on is their hair density. Rest of it follows.

Hair density: What you need to know

Hair density can be defined as the number of hair strands in a 1-inch by 1-inch region of the scalp. As you all know, higher the number, greater the hopes. There is a general perception that people with denser hair are healthy and those with less dense hair are unhealthy. It is not that. Your hair density does not reflect your overall health. But studies have shown that people with certain nutritional deficiencies like Iron, may hamper your hair growth or induce hair fall.

Hair density and its importance

Your hair density decides more about you than you think. Knowing your hair density will let you know a number of things you can do. Some of them are,

  • Type of hairstyle to choose
  • What hair products are suitable for you
  • Devise a diet plan

Can you increase Hair Density?

I badly wish I can give you a short answer. But I or none can. The answer to this million-dollar question is yes and no. Let me explain why. Hair grows out of follicles from your skin. You cannot alter the number of follicles present in you. Hence, it is genetic and that is why you cannot change your hair density.


It is the middle layer of the skin. It plays vital role in the appearance of the skin. It has elastin and collagen that factors in the outlook of the skin. The hair follicles are present here. This explains why you need procedures like waxing and laser treatments are required to rid hair from the skin and have smooth skins. This layer also has the essential oil glands, sweat glands, and blood.

But you can maximize your potential to get denser hair by eating a healthy diet. If you have multiple nutritional deficiencies your chances of denser hair may take a massive dive. You can fix this by taking in foods that contain nutrients which include biotin, protein, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, iron, and zinc or you can visit ISMO skin & aesthetics, where we treat hair and skin-related issues for thousands of clients across India. Contact us now to get an expert opinion on your setbacks.

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