Compelling Reasons to Consider Treatments For Sunken Cheeks

Your face is your most important social asset. You greet people when you meet them by smiling. You create an ideal first impression by expressing your joy and compassion. All these are possible only because of an attractive face.

However, there are a lot of adversaries that could ruin the radiance of your face. For example, Sunken Cheeks. It occurs when there is a lack of tissue between the zygoma and mandible of your face.

In such cases, doctors recommend treatments for sunken cheeks to get an appealing smile and posture.

What Are the Causes of Sunken Cheeks?

There are a lot of natural factors that cause sunken cheeks. Understanding the causes is pivotal because it gives you greater control over choosing the right treatment to treat the flawed facial feature.


Progressing age is a cause of many problems particularly related to the condition of your face. As people age, they lose a significant amount of subcutaneous fat from the areas surrounding the eyes and mouth. Since the facial structure does not change over time, this can create a sunken appearance around the cheeks.


There are a variety of illnesses that cause sunken cheeks in individuals. Doctors also state that sunken cheeks can be indicators of serious health problems.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, or Vascular EDS, is a serious and rare type of EDS with life-threatening consequences. This condition is inherited among family members and affects the connective tissues in the face and body.


HIV is the most common condition that is associated with sunken cheeks. This disease causes fat loss in facial folds and face indentations. It is essential that you consult with a relevant practitioner for your condition.


Another health condition that causes sunken cheeks is tuberculosis. It is an infectious disease that affects the lungs. This condition can lead to fatal implications when not treated promptly.

Diet and Personal Habits

Malnutrition caused by poor diet or bad health habits is another common cause of sunken cheeks in many people. Doctors suggest dehydration or tobacco usage can affect the appearance of the cheeks and face. It is imperative that people improve their personal hygiene and habits to gain some improvement over their appearance.


Inheritance can also be a reason for hollow cheeks. Some people inherit the genes of sunken cheeks from their parents or grandparents.

Best Ways to Fix Your Sunken Cheeks

There are multiple options to consider when you are looking for treatments for sunken cheeks. People can choose between non-surgical and surgical treatments based on their preferences. But, it is always better to consult a healthcare professional before making a decision.

Surgical Options

If your healthcare provider suggests surgical treatments for your condition, then here are some of the options you should be aware of:

Cheek Lift

This is a surgical procedure that is preferred by many to rectify hollow cheeks. It is also known as mid-face lifting. During this surgery, doctors will create incisions around the ears and above the hairline to reposition the underlying tissue. They try to lift the skin to treat the hollowness. The results from this procedure are long-lasting, and the recovery time is minimal as well.


Preferring cheek implants give you a more permanent solution to treat hollowness. Doctors will fill the hollow cheeks with artificial pieces of silicone. It will also be done inside the mouth to avoid any visible scars. However, some might experience numbness during their recovery time, which could stretch from weeks to months.

Fat Grafting

This procedure involves taking fat from one part of your body and injecting it into the cheeks to add volume and improve appearance.

Fat grafting also poses a long-term solution that is visually appealing as well. It is also minimally invasive when compared with other similar treatments. However, you might need additional procedures to maintain the results.

Non-surgical Options


Injectable fillers are the most common non-surgical treatments for sunken cheeks. These fillers are made from different materials such as hyaluronic acid. This substance can keep your face hydrated and smooth out any wrinkles. These fillers require little to no recovery time and involve fewer risks.


Topical retinoids are made from Vitamin A and are available as prescription drugs. They improve the appearance of the skin by decreasing the breakdown of collagen. You should apply a recommended amount of topical retinoid to your skin every day to witness some improvement in hollowness.

Facial Exercises

Doctors recommend proper facial exercises to improve the blood flow around your blood, which will naturally improve its appearance. The exercises should last for 30 minutes a day and gradually increase. In addition to facial exercises, walking, swimming, and other aerobic activities are considered ideal to treat sunken cheeks.


The food you eat has a significant impact on the health and appearance of your face. People should be consuming a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables, and organic foods to reduce sunken cheeks. It is also important to avoid unhealthy foods that could cause inflammation or damage your skin.

Treat Your Cheeks Today

The appearance of your face is important to attract the right opportunities along with the people. Sunken cheeks have a negative impact on your appearance by making you look unattractive. It is a necessity to treat the problem as soon as possible to make an improvement.

Make sure to consider the above post before you dive into any treatment options. People should focus on finding the right treatment for their needs. Choosing between surgical and non-surgical procedures is also a consideration. More importantly, you must Consult an experienced treatment provider - ISMO

The right doctors will properly evaluate your condition and provide recommendations to help you achieve the desired results. They also invest time in suggesting the right aftercare steps to maintain the achieved improvements. All these factors could work together to provide the most fulfilling and appealing face volume to improve your confidence and looks.

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