Your skin is your friend

Before we get into the issues and treatments, know about the skin and its many roles. Skin is the largest organ in human body which is made of nerves, fats, proteins, and minerals. It is made of three layers and each has its own importance that contribute to the functions of the body

The three different layers of the skin are,


It is the outer most layer of the skin which is exposed to the elements of our environment. It protects the body from the features of the environment like the sun, rain and dust and renews the skin by manufacturing new skin cells. It also has melanin that defines the colour of the skin - the more the melanin the darker is the skin. If you are looking to alter your skin colour, this is where you concentrate. The melanin also the rate of tanning.


It is the middle layer of the skin. It plays vital role in the appearance of the skin. It has elastin and collagen that factors in the outlook of the skin. The hair follicles are present here. This explains why you need procedures like waxing and laser treatments are required to rid hair from the skin and have smooth skins. This layer also has the essential oil glands, sweat glands, and blood.


The innermost layer of the skin connects the skin to the body. It protects the bones and muscles from impact during fall. It also gives insulation from the outer temperatures.

We do not give skin much care unless it is serious. The above list of uses and vitality should clear up the path to take good care of your skin. The purpose might vary – Cosmetic and Health.

Cosmetic treatments are done to make you look good. There is a propaganda that this purpose might make you shallow. That’s not true, it boosts confidence and adds a daisy to your day.

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