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The dedicated team of expert dermatologists in Chennai and cosmetic surgeons at ISMO give top priority to your needs and desires and deliver individualized cosmetic care of the highest quality. Allow us to enhance and improve your beauty.

  • Sagging Skin

    Loose skin that holds no definition due to the lack of muscle beneath it.

  • Hollow Eyes

    A condition where the skin under the eyes appears dark, sunken, and hollow.

  • Thin or Big Lips

    Treatment focuses on delivering the desired contoured lip shape.

  • Droopy Eyelids

    A condition where one or both of the eyelids sag.

  • Sunken Cheeks

    Loss of facial fat around the cheek area which results in a sunken appearance.

  • Flat Nose

    A condition where the bridge of your nose is flatter and lower than usual.

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Our expert hair and skin specialists in Chennai are passionate about their work and have helped numerous clients regain their confidence by delivering excellent outcomes.


years of experience in cosmetic Dermatology and Trichology


patients treated across India for acne, hair-fall, and more


of our patients have seen an improvement in their skin or hair by the end of their treatment

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ISMO’s Approach To Face Feature Corrections

A thorough diagnosis will be done based on which the expert dermatologists in Chennai and surgeons will develop a suitable solution as per your needs. A variety of solutions are available for facial feature correction depending on your concern.

Some of these include - Dermal Fillers, Botox, Implants, Face Lift, Brow Lift, Rhinoplasty, Lip Augmentation, etc.Following a proven step-by-step guide to correcting facial features

Step 1

A thorough diagnosis will be performed by our expert cosmetologists in Chennai to understand your concern as well as the severity of your problem.

Step 2

Based on the diagnosis, our experts will determine a treatment that is 100% customized, focusing on your specific concerns and needs.

Step 3
Monitoring and Management

Post-treatment care will be provided, which involves constant evaluation and careful monitoring along with the correct diet, nutrition, and supplement guidance to track your results and progress.

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About ISMO Skin Clinic

At ISMO, all the surgical procedures that we perform are executed and taken care of by expert dermatologists and cosmetologists in Chennai.

Being a holistic aesthetic healthcare brand, we respect the physiognomy of each patient and understand that everyone has a unique genetic beauty, which is an important heritage to preserve.

Our pioneering technology and wide-ranging medical solutions are apt to meet your prerequisites allowing you to experience a customized treatment that is 100% safe, effective, and curated specially for you.

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