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What are your concerns with hands and feet? 😩

ISMO Skin & Aesthetic Clinic ensures 100% safe treatments for all your hands and feet needs with customized solutions.

  • Acne & Pigmentation

    Acne is when a dark spot appears on the skin after a pimple disappears.

  • Age Spots

    Age Spots are tiny, dark spots on the skin.

  • Scaly Skin

    It is a common symptom of dry skin that may occur anywhere in the body.

  • Wrinkled Feet

    Wrinkled Feet are a common condition experienced after taking a long bath, swimming, etc.

  • Cracked Heels

    A common foot problem that causes discomfort and even pain.

  • Britten Nails

    Brittle nails cause soft, thin, or splitting nails.

  • Dryness

    Dry hands are mainly triggered by cold weather.

Why choose ISMO?

Delivering best results, guaranteed! 🙈

We are the best skin care clinic in Chennai. If you don't see visible results after consistently following our treatment for 30 days, we will refund your consultation fee.


Our patients have seen an improvement in their skin and hair by the end of their treatment.


patients treated across India for acne, hair-fall and more.

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ISMO’s Approach to Hands and Feet Treatment

ISMO Skin & Aesthetic Clinic, the best skin care hospital in Chennai, believes in a comprehensive approach to treat and rejuvenate the skin that’s grown old and dry. As every two pairs of hands and feet are different and have specific needs, skin treatments in Chennai are also customized based on one’s skin type, etc.

Our experts evaluate the problem and investigate the reason and signs of the problem. The diagnosis helps us understand the seriousness of the problem, based on which we will suggest the treatment best for you.ISMO has designed a tried and tested step-by-step guide to treating your hands and feet-related issues.

Step 1
Evaluation of the Problem

Our team of expert skin specialists in Chennai will evaluate your condition with a few tests. This will help our expert dermatologists in Chennai understand the reason and cause behind the problem.

Step 2
Diagnosis of the Problem

An assessment is done to diagnose the root cause of the problem and provide the best skin treatment in Chennai for our patients.

Step 3
Create Customized Solutions

Based on the analysis, treatment would be customized for you.

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About ISMO Skin Clinic

ISMO is a one of its kind, aesthetic clinic, with state-of-the-art operating facilities. ISMO strives to maintain the highest possible safety standards while providing individualized, high-quality cosmetic care to all by the best cosmetologist in Chennai. All the surgical procedures we perform are executed by expert cosmetologists in Chennai and skin-linked treatments are taken care of by the best dermatologists in Chennai. Being a holistic aesthetic healthcare brand, our ideology is to respect the physiognomy of patients, since everyone has a unique genetic beauty, which is an important heritage to preserve.

Our pioneering technology and wide-ranging medical solutions are apt to meet your prerequisites so that you can get customized treatment. We have a dedicated team of best skin specialists in Chennai who give top priority to your needs and desires. We promise a healthy body and radiant skin by consistently aiding you with high-standard therapies that are guaranteed to deliver positive outcomes.

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